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The article discusses the increasing concern over tire wear particles as a source of air pollution, particularly in the context of the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs).

Authorities in Europe and the United States are shifting their focus from exhaust emissions to the suspended particles released from tire wear and friction with the road surface. With EVs being heavier than traditional fuel-powered vehicles, the pressure to reduce pollution is now on tire companies to develop tires that release fewer toxic substances.

The article mentions Tyre Collective, a UK startup, whose co-founder Siobhan Anderson highlights the widespread presence of these particles in the air, roads, and even in Arctic ice cores. The use of a toxic chemical called 6PPD in tires to slow down cracking exacerbates the pollution issue, especially given the heavier weight of EVs. Anderson also expresses concerns about breathing in these particles when passing by vehicles.

The article concludes by emphasizing the new challenge faced by tire companies to develop products that minimize pollution emissions for heavier EVs, as demonstrated by California's upcoming requirement for manufacturers to seek alternative materials and the EU's upcoming "Euro 7" exhaust emission regulations that will include tire standards.