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Window Screen Smog Filter

Do you worry about bad outdoor air quality and keep the windows closed?

Do you worry about dust getting in your house when the windows are open? Tired of mopping the floor?

Closing the windows for a long period of time will result in insufficient indoor oxygen level, making people feel dizzy and uncomfortable.

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It's simple to get fresh air

  • Open windows for good air but not dust
  • Leave the windows open and worry-free about dusty floor
  • It's waterproof, so you can leave the windows open on the rainy days
  • Translucent but invisible, good for privacy
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  • 1.

    Only fresh air, no smog Smog-stopper is breathable, bringing in fresh air while blocking smog and pm2.5

  • 2.

    Translucent, breathable and invisible Good for someone who needs fresh air and cares about privacy like you.

  • 3.

    Waterproof, worry-free on the rainy days
    :d:dc it is waterproof, so you can leave the windows open and need not to worry about the raindrops splashing into the house.

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Physical-based micro pours strucure is able to block outdoor smog and dust, while brings in fresh air to maintain indoor oxygen level. :it works as a window's mask

dctpro smog stopper install step

How to install it

dctpro smog stopper install step

1.Clean the screen and frame of the window

dctpro smog stopper install step

2.Paste the pressure tapes on the frame

dctpro smog stopper install step

3.Cut the Smog Stopper based on the window frame, and paste it onto the widow frame.

dctpro smog stopper install step

4.Pressing the bonding area and make sure it is pasted tightly.

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  1. Please make sure the window screen and frame are cleaned before head.
  2. :dc Smog Stopper can be pasted on outer or inner side of the window frame.
  3. The tape is pressure-sensitive, so please press the bonding area several times to ensure its adhension.
  4. Please close the window when it is windy to provent the :dc Smog Stopper from breaking or the window screen from falling.
  5. Some air may flow through the window track.

:dc Smog Stopper / Pressure-sensitive Tape Included

Size: 70cm x 500cm ± 1 cm

Q & A

  • 01. How long is the life span of :dc Smog Stopper?

    The lifespan of :dc Smog Stopper may vary depending on the conditions of adhesion and use. It is around 4 to 5 months if :dc Smog Stopper is used under direct sunlight, causing the outer fabric to become embrittled, otherwise the lifespan may be more than 6 months.

  • 02. Is it difficult to install :dc Smog Stopper by myself?

    It can be easily insatlled by the following 3 steps. (1) Clean the screen frame first (2) Paste the pressure-sensitive tape around the screen frame (3) Remove the backing from the pressure-sensitive tape and paste :dc Smog Stopper on the window frame, apply pressure on the bonding area, and cut :dc Smog Stopper to fit the window frame. The installation guide is available on:  https://youtu.be/dRPJD7Tkn8E

  • 03. Can I still feel the wind blow after :dc Smog Stopper is installed?

    You may not feel the wind blow since :dc Smog Stopper has certain drag coefficient. However, the ventilation through :dc Smog Stopper's membrane pours structure will certainly make you feel more comfortable than closing the window. A video showing :dc Smog Stopper's ventilation is available at: https://youtu.be/qukdrsUXB2k

  • 04.
  • 05. I have Air Purifier already, should I also use Smog Stopper
  • 06. Should I put the Smog Stopper inside or out side of the window.

    For the flat window screen , we suggest put  Smog Stopper outside of the window.
    For the rolling window screen, we suggest put  Smog Stopper  inside of the window.

  • 07. Can I install :dc Smog Stopper on all of my window screens?ed?

    It is not necessary to install :dc Smog Stopper on all your window screens. We recommend you to install :dc Smog Stopper on 1 to 2 medium-sized window screens. When the air quality is not good, please close all windows while leave the windows with :dc Smog Stopper open for ventilation.

  • 08. Can I wash :dc Smog Stopper? How?

    :dc Smog Stopper is washable in water by hand.

  • 09. Is the pressure-sensitive tape reusable? And how to remove adhesive residue?

    The pressure-sensitive tape is not reusable, and adhesive residue may be removed by alkaline detergent.

    Since 2019/ 12. we have upgrade it to "Non  Residue" tape,  the White tape is “Non residue” Side , it go with the  window frame. The Yellow side is high viscosity side, it go with the membrane.


  • 10. What are the uses of the remaining :dc Smog Stopper?

    The remaining :dc Smog Stopper may be used for the next time, or you use it for DIY pillowcases.