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    Sleeping Well Could Be Very Easy

  • Zero dust mite penetration as tested by Taiwan TTRI Lab.
  • Block human dander from falling into the pillow, cutting off the primary source of food for dust mites.
  • Physical based hole size, bi-directional blocking dust mites and germs.


Zero Penetrate
of dust mites


No allergy,
sleeping well


:dc Dustmite
dctpro logo


Pillow Protector

bi-directional blocking dust
mites and germs.

Building Walls Externally

Stop providing food to dustmite

Blocking human and animal dander and germs. get into the pillow

Black dustmite and germs come out from pillow

Membrane will block dustmite and germs come out from the pillow. h

:dc Composite Materials Of :dc Dustmite Out

Physical based hole size can block dustmites. No chemicals substance, simple and no extra burden.


10 cm Away From Dust Mites

Dustmites and Germs
They are all allergen

A pillow being used for more than 6 months may contain millions of dust mites, which means sleeping with dust mites and germs everynight.

Don't Feed Dustmites As Pet

Don't Feed Dustmites As Pet

Dust mites take human dander and sweat as foods, if we don't have a good protection for pillow, that we are feeding dust mites as pets everyday.



Breathable and comfortable

dctpro logoDustmite Out
Guarantee for
Sleeping Well

  • Isolating dustmites, no more allergens and runny nose.
  • No chemical substance, physical based anti-dust-mite, peace of mind.
  • Excellent air permeability, sleeping well without stuffiness.
通過紡織所 TTRI 防蟎測試

dctpro logoDustmite Out

Physical concept for preventing dust mites, no chemical sustance, simple and no extra burden. Zero-penetration as tested by TTRI lab.

dctpro Dustmite Out

:dc Edge Sealed, 100% Quality Commitment

Dustmite is much smaller than the visual size of unaided naked eye. Please seal :dc dustmite out thoroughly, otherwise dust mites may come out from the pinhole or zipper to affect your sleep and breath .

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:dc Implement method

Implement method

  1. Remove dc dustmite out from the package and make sure that the opening side is with adhesive tape.
  2. Insert pillow into :dc dustmite out.
  3. Remove a small section of the release liner of adhesive tape and seal the opening side tightly .
  4. Insert pillow into pillowcase.


  1. Tear the tape part by part, and tape the membrane part by part.
  2. The glue tape is Pressure sensitive adhesive, that after press it after tape it, to make sure it tape tightly.

:dc Dustmite Out Pillow Protector

:dc Dustmite Out Pillow Protector SIZE:77.5 x 47 cm ± 1 cm

The real effective Dust mite and germs proof pillow protector!

dctpro logoDustmite Out Weave method Fabric with Chemical base
Anti-mite Method Physical Base Physical Base Chemical Base
Material dctpro logoDustmite Out Fiber Weave Fabric With Chemical Added
Air Permeability Good Good Good
Anti-dust-mite Excellent
100% Sealed
Dust Mites May
Come Out From The
Pinhole And Zipper
Declining Over Time
Dust Mites May Come
Out From The Pinhole
And Zipper
Anti-germs Excellent Inferior Inferior
Chemical Substaince No No Yes
Washable No Yes Yes

Q & A

  • 1. Is :dc Dustmite Out pillow protector washable?
    No. Unlike traditional pillows of which dust mites coming out from the pinholes and zipper, :dc pillow protector is 100% sealed therefore not washable.
  • 2. Will the protection of :dc Dustmit Out deteriorate over time? How long is its lifespan?
    :dc Dustmit Out is able to block dustmites and germs for it is in physical pours size. As long as the film is not be damaged, it is still functional. However, we suggest you to replace it with a new one every 4 or 5 months.
  • 3. Why :dc Dustmite Out can block dustmites and germs?
    :dc Dustmit Out is able to block dustmites and germs for it is in physical pours size. The pour size of :dc Dustmit Out is around PM0.1, while the normal size of dustmits is about PM 10 and the normal size of germs is around PM3. :dc Dustmiut Out's smaller pours size allows it to block dustmits and germs.
  • 4. How to seal the pillow protector?
    The tape on the pillow protector is pressure-sensitive, and you may retape it if you feel it doesn't fit will. Please apply pressure on the tape to insure the adhension. The instruction is available at: https://youtu.be/wr0EKq4DZaM
  • 5. Since the pillow protector is not washable, will dustmits stay or grow on it?
    Pillow protector prevents dustmits inside the pillow from coming out, therefore should cover the the pillow and pillow protector with with fabric/cotton pillow case. We recommend you to exchange or wash the pillow case frequently to prevent dustmits from staying or growing on it.
  • 6. Can the pillow protectors be used to cover children's pillows?
    Yes. Once the pillow protector is fully sealed, please fold back the additional part and insert the pillow with pillow protector into a pillowcase.