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Do you have runny nose because of air pollution or allery? It not only affects respiratory tract but also increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer!

:dc face masks apply the most state-of-the-art technologies to provide you with both highly protection and air permeability face masks.

Use physical concept to compare the size of pollution particles size and membrane pore. According to PM 0.075μm particle size test carried out by Taiwan TTRI Lab, it has 99% filter effect.

daciantech logoMask Has Passed Multiple Tests
Test Item Test By
PM2.5 Mask CNS 15980 A Class Protection
Heavy Metals in Ambient PM2.5 Test by NCTU EV > 95%
PM2.5 in Ambient Test by NCTU EV > 99%
PM0.075 Taiwan TTRI > 99%
Bacterial Filtration (BFE) Taiwan TTRI > 99%
Blood Penatraction 120mmHg Taiwan TTRI Passed
Virus Filtration (VFE) US Nelson Lab > 99%
DOP Filtration US Nelson Lab > 98%
PM0.075 Japan KAKEN Lab > 99%
Bacterial Filtration (BFE) Japan KAKEN Lab > 99%
Blood Penatraction 160mmHg Japan KAKEN Lab Passed


  • Efficient filtration, breathable and comfort.
  • Blocking smoke fumes effectively.
  • Blocking germs and virus effectively.
  • Special filter materials !

    daciantech logoNano-fibers membrane

    Membrane with 85% to 90% effective porosity, having large area for air exchange to provide both high protection and comfort .

    PTFE 效果圖

    Quality 100% Committed

    Each pack of mask has it’s individual serial number to track the production history. All films are tested by independent certificated Lab to ensure the quality. You are able to check production history and test report online.

    Wear a mask can also be very stylish.

    Better Protection For Better life.

    I am roaming in the city。



    Oil Smog resistance , suitable for riding motorcycle.

    :dc Microparticle Stopper Mask for Adult

    Mask could be one of your accessories。


    3D shape with stylish design, keep your make up perfect.

    :dc Microparticle Stopper Mask for Adult

    Children’s must have item


    Blocking germs and virus effectively, best choice for Kids.

    Children’s must have item

    daciantech logoMicroparticle Stopper Mask

    Protective face mask. Oil-resistant stain masks. Most comfortable, rest assured

    Cleaning method

    Face masks can be washed by hand in tap water, 95% alcohol or diluted detergent. It is recommended to spray SIM Water on the face mask in the case of flu or virus prevention.



    Prevent the inhalation of
    automobile emissions

    Oily Particle Protection

    Do you use N95 face masks correctly? N95 face mask has 95% filteration rate of non-oily particle, which means that N95 face masks may not be able to effectively prevent oily particles emitted by automobiles.

    daciantech logo mask passed 98% DOP test carried out by Nelson Lab in the US.

    Kitchen Extractor Hood and Your Lung

    Don't treat your lung as a kitchen ventilator. Wear a good face mask capable of filtering oily particles to protect your lung when cooking.



    Blocking cooking fumes. Oil resistant face mask is the best choice for protect your lung.


    Prevent the inhalation of
    industrial emissions

    Industrial Emissions

    The environment is full of all kinds of pollutants, including dust, smog, germs, viruses and chemical toxic substnaces, and a good face mask shall provide complete and comprehensive protection.



    Blocking germs, pollen and other sources of allergy, soothing runny nose sneezing and other symptoms.


    daciantech logo mask has 99% filtration of
    3 μm germsl Filtration Test (BFE)

    Medical protection

    Health care professionals are at the risk of germs and blood contamination. dc masks are CNS 14755 and the United States norms ASTM F2101 norms qualified, with 99% filtration of germs and viruses. In addtion, dc masks passed the blood penetration ASTM F1862 norms test carried out by the TTRI as no blood penetration.

    daciantech logoMicroparticle Stopper Mask
    3D shap Face Mask 6pcs/Box
    Gray Mask with Gray earloop /
    Gray Mask with Yellow earloop /
    White Mask with White earloop.
    3D shap Face Mask 6pcs/Box
    White Mask with White earloop /
    White Mask with Yellow earloop
    Adult White
    Flat Face Mask 20pcs/Box
    Child White
    Flat Face Mask 20pcs/Box

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    Q & A

    • 1. What's the purpose of the QR code provided on the package box of the masks?
      The QR code can show you quality and production tracking history of the masks contained in the package box. Each pack of the mask has a specific serial number for quality and production history tracking. All the films are tested and certificated by independent 3rd party to ensure the quality before they are made into masks. You can check the production history and test report online by scanning the QR code.
    • 2. Are masks washable?

      Flat masks may be washed for 1 to 2 times in water, while cup type masks may be washed for 2 to 3 times. In general the protection will remain as long as the film is intact. A mask's fabic may be softened if you wash it for too many times, which will reduce the mask's fitness to your face. As a result the mask may wipe through you nose or mouth when you breathe, makimg you feel uncomfortable. You can continue to use a washed mask as long as you don't feel uncomfotable and its film remains intact. According to TTRI test, :dc Masks remain 99% effectiveness after being washed for 5 times by 95% alcohol or clean water.

    • 3. How to identify whether a film is broken?
      A damaged film will shrink. Simple look at the mask with back light to indetify whether a film is shrinked.
    • 4. How to clean masks? Need detergent?
      Generally, it is recommended to rinse with clean water, or disinfect with 95% alcohol, clean and dry. In the case of high fumes, it is recommended to clean it with diluted dishwashing water for about 30 seconds to 60 seconds. in order to the stiffness of mask, please avoid rubbing when cleaning the mask. For cleaning methods, please refer to https://youtu.be/lMsZAfBo3mA
    • 5. Does :dc Microparticle Stopper Mask has certify by CNS 15980 ?

      Yes, :dc Mask has certify by CNS 15980 and passed 8 major test items. It could consider as PM2.5 Class Mask.

    • 6. Does :dc Microparticle Stopper Mask fit every one’s face ?

      :dc Mask has consider ergonomics into our design, that :dc mask fit most of people ‘s face, however if you would like to enhance the fitness more, you could take our mask accessories set to enhance the fitness.

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