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Cutting oil mist droplets can also be inhaled into the lungs

The oil mist in factories settles on the floors and gets sucked into our lungs.

The floors of most mechanical processing factories are often greasy, and the air is full of the smell of oil mist,  gas and particles. This environment is a factory which we are familiar with, but we have never thought about the impact of these oil and gases on us.

We also know that greasy floors are caused by the use of a lot of cutting oil in the machining process. During high-speed operation and heating during processing, the cutting oil turns into oil mist. These mist droplets float in the air and settle on the floor, causing oily greasy floors. We are also in the same factory area as the machine, breathing the air in the same space, so the oil mist that settles on the floor is also inhaled into the lungs. Working 8 hours a day, long-term accumulation of inhalation of these mist and dust will affect our health.