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Taiwan Excellence Award Winners

In this modern age of choice, we can choose almost anything based on our desires – but not which air we breathe. Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd. believes that the future of masks is reusability, combining style with all-important protection to increase wearability.

Established in 2016, Dacian is focused on protective masks designed to mitigate the effects of air pollution. N95-grade masks provide highly-efficient protection, as evidenced during the pandemic, but they are stuffy. A result of this experience is the erroneous perception that such protective masks are more hardwearing and therefore not for people’s everyday protection. 

With its ergonomic design and nano-member filter, Dacian’s masks provide N95 protection and can be worn for hours at a time, yet still feel comfortable. Unlike other masks, Dacian’s masks avoid capturing pollutant particles, instead protecting against oil and fumes for both personal and industrial use. Perhaps the best feature is the masks’ ability to be washed, sterilised and reused, rendering them financially sound and environmentally friendly, too.

Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd. has been making masks for over seven years - what was your reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic?

“COVID-19 didn’t affect our business plan too much; we focused on air pollution, healthy education and breathing safety in the workplace,” said Fanny Hung, Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd. Global Sales Manager.

Why was it important to you to make masks fashionable?

“There is a lot of air pollution in our daily lives. As we can see from research, lung disease has become a serious issue.

“The overall impression of the N95 mask from most people is that the masks are not breathable and do not look good. Our masks can help make people more willing to wear them in their daily lives.”

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