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:dc mask intercepts 99% of suspended particles in the air

You need to wear a mask for a long time whether you go out or work, but find that your nose is still gray and black when you get home? These are actually air pollution generated during work. Micro-particle high-tech nano-film masks can completely block 99% of harmful substances in the air, protecting your health and allowing you to work with peace of mind.

Gram particulate masks use the highest specification film material as the filter layer, which is highly resistant to PM0.075 nanometer-level fine suspended particles and can completely block 99%. The film's microporous large-area micropore design allows air to be exchanged in and out quickly, getting rid of irritating dampness and stickiness, and keeping your skin dry and dry. High-standard anti-oil fume particles, chemical aerosol fumes, and oil mist emitted by automobiles and motorcycles are eliminated in situ, eliminating the need to use our lungs as air purifiers.

In addition to high-efficiency filtration to protect ourselves, gram particle masks can be washed or sprayed with alcohol before use. One gram particle can be worth 5-7 N95 masks. While we protect ourselves, we reduce waste output and are more environmentally friendly. Let us Let’s do our part for the earth together.