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Why are the floors in precision processing plants so greasy?

Precision machining often uses cutting fluids in metal processing processes such as turning, milling, drilling, and grinding. Cutting lubricants have many ingredients and contain many various chemical substances. Metal cutting fluid undergoes circulation, spraying and high-speed rotating tools during use, and collides with the processing equipment and evaporates at high temperatures. During processing, oil mist particles of many chemical-related substances will be generated.

The air in the processing plant is full of oil mist particles. When these particles settle in the air, they will stick to the floor, making the floor greasy and easy to slip. At the same time, the oil mist particles in the air can also be inhaled by the human body and adhere to the skin, causing Allergies of the respiratory tract and skin, thereby affecting the health of workers.

The oil mist particles produced by cutting oil are attached with different chemical molecules. General medical masks have limited protection. It is recommended to use protective P-level masks.