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When outdoor air quality is not good, lets put on the Mask for Window

Are you afraid to open your windows because of the air pollution?
Do you live on the side of the road and dare not open your windows?
Are you afraid to open the windows because you are afraid of dust?
Do you live near an industrial area and are afraid to open your windows?

PM2.5 air pollution in the past few years has taught us that we need to wear masks when we go out, but what about when we are at home? Many people have HEPA air purifiers in their homes, but we may not know that for air purifiers to be effective, we The source of pollution must be cut off first, otherwise dirty air will continue to enter the room, and the effectiveness of the air purifier will actually be very limited. The most common way to cut off the source of pollution is to close the windows, but this often results in insufficient oxygen in the room, making us feel uncomfortable.
More people often find that the filter of the air purifier is easy to get dirty, but have you ever thought about it? In fact, we breathe the same air as the air purifier. If the filter of the air purifier is dirty, it also means that we are using our lungs. While the air in your home is filtered, our lungs are just as dirty as the filters.
The air quality at home needs to start with controlling pollution sources. If the outdoor air is not good, wear a mask when going out. If you stay at home, wear a mask on the screen window. The anti-smog mask uses thin film filter material like the anti-particle mask, which effectively blocks air pollution PM2.5 particles and introduces fresh air at the same time. It is an environmentally friendly HEPA anti-smog screen that does not need to be plugged in.
The anti-smog film is different from the ordinary anti-smog screens on the market that cannot filter at high wind speeds. No matter how windy and rainy it is outside, the anti-haze film can effectively block polluting aerosol particles at high wind speeds, is waterproof and air-permeable, and prevents rainwater from splashing in. indoor.
Outdoor pollution sources are controlled by the Haze Control Film for you, while indoor pollution sources (such as oil smoke, bye-bye smog) are handled by the air purifier.
It is actually very simple to DIY to change the air quality in your home and open windows with peace of mind.